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Multigrade, mineral engine oil is intended for use in engines with EGR and SCR exhaust systems. It is recommended for the lubrication of heavy duty diesel engines: trucks and buses, engines in the mining, construction and agricultural mashines, as well as in light commercial vehicles. It can be successfully used for the lubrication of two-stroke Detroit Diesel engines, which require oil to meet API CH-4 performance level.

Performance, features and benefits: Maximal cleanliness of modern engines, constructed; Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability which prevents oil thickening at high temperatures; Guaranteed protection against varnish forming on the cylinder liners and bearing corrosion; Extended oil change interval up to 45.000 km; Provided the necessary antifriction properties for gearboxes, differentials and the other equipment operating with an oil.


API CI-4/SL; ACEA E7; MB-Approval 228.3; MAN M 3275; Volvo VDS-3; Cummins CES 20078; Mack EO-M Plus; MTU Type 2; Global DHD-1.

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