Production of engine and industrial oils and special fluids

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Adeco doo is a company engaged in production of engine and industrial oils and special fluids for motor vehicles, machinery and industry, established on December 26, 1991 in Novi Sad.

Throughout its existence, Adeco’s production has focused on the market and the customers. We have followed market requirements and tried to satisfy our customer’s every new need. In these efforts, we have enjoyed the support of our suppliers, the world famous brands such as BASF, Clariant, Lubrizol, Afton Ethyl, Infineum, and many others. Besides high quality raw materials, they have been providing us with recipes for the latest generation of products.

Adeco has progressed year after year. Shortly after its foundation, the company started producing special fluids for motor vehicles and lubricating oils, which was followed by the development of the “white” oils product line for the textile and leather industries. Cooperation was established with the well-known world producers such as PRISTA OIL and TEXACO, and in 2003 Adeco started its own oil blending. Until now, Adeco has continued to expand its product range, increase the number of employees and improve technology and overall business performance through implementation of a certified quality and environment management systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards. 

Today, Adeco employs about 80 people and has a few external associates. In addition to its own laboratory, regular contacts with other laboratories, research institutes and universities throughout the country and abroad contribute to a continuous keeping pace with new trends and modern technologies in the production of oil products. With the constant growth of sales on the domestic market, Adeco places its products on foreign markets in over 30 countries. In addition to a wide product range (over 200 different products), Adeco offers its customers a complete service and technical support during implementation, as well as logistic support in the delivery process services.

Our long-time suppliers are world leaders in the manufacturing of oil and petrochemical products, so all Adeco’s products are manufactured with the latest technology from the highest quality domestic and imported raw materials.

Within the factory complex, there is a retail facility - Adeco Shop, where customers can find the entire Adeco product range. Customers also have opportunity to buy Adeco products online trough the webshop on the website

Wholesale is conducted through our own commercial sector, as well as through authorized wholesale clients — distributors, retailers, and gas station chains. Delivery is possible within 48 hours of the order.

Adeco products are delivered via our own vehicles, as well as through couriers and other transportation companies.


By the end of 2016, Adeco modernized its Production Laboratory and thereby improved the Quality Control of input raw materials, semi-products and finished products. New equipment procurement has enabled an expanded scope of tests.

The Quality  Control includes: 
    • control of every input raw material before discharging in storage tanks or storing in accordance with the quality agreed with the supplier and the control analysis made in the Adeco Production Laboratory, 
    • control of each semi-product before giving permission for discharging,
    • control of  random product samples from the production line during filling. 
This procedure is designed to achieve a constant, controlled quality of products delivered to customers and reduce the incidence of complaints about the quality of the packaged product.

In 2019, ADECO company has modernized its laboratory with three more appliances for testing water and oil parameters, as a result of constant urge for improvement:
  1. pH Meter/Conductometer;
  2. Karl-Fischer water in oil titration;
  3. Freezing point of aqueous engine solutions and aviation fuels.

Laboratory equipped like this can provide services of making the analyzes for our clients needs in order to examine the existing state of its system.


Since its foundation, Adeco's owners and employees have upheld the philosophy that without achieving results and constantly improving the quality of its products and services they would not be able to position themselves and survive on the small, yet very saturated Serbian market.

Today, the quality of Adeco’s products and services is comparable to the top European and international companies which produce engine and industrial oils, lubricants, fluids, fuel additives and related products.

All employees take part in and put a joint effort into continuously improving the quality of Adeco’s products and services. This approach is aimed at fulfillment of the interests of partners and customers, employees and owners.

A key factor of Adeco’s success lies in its constant communication with its customers. Any potential dissatisfaction is quickly identified and prevented, while every complaint and misunderstanding is resolved as soon as possible.

The knowledge and qualifications of Adeco’s employees are the cornerstone of the company’s success. Everyone, especially those who are in direct contact with the users of Adeco products, needs to work on their own development, expanding their expertise and mastering the techniques used in their work.


As a company that has been successfully producing and selling petroleum products for more than 30 years, we want to maintain our strength and stability and further develop our brand, constantly improve our knowledge, and continue to grow in markets around the world. We want to provide our clients with top quality products, which will bring them personal, local and global well-being.


Being recognized as a leader in innovation and product creator of the future is our mission. Together with our employees and suppliers, we want to emphasize the most innovative technologies and modern scientific trends in the production process. We want to continuously understand and meet the needs of our customers with our hard work and initiative. This way, through our work, together with our customers, suppliers and employees, we want to spread awareness about the protection of the environment of our planet and the preservation of our health, as well as to be one step ahead with innovation, expertise and quality, satisfied in our business.


Our values ​​are the foundation of our organization's success. Through these values, people at Adeco make the personal experience and the experience of our associates unique. Values as empathy, collegiality, professionalism, conscientiousness, commitment and initiative set us apart from others and make us successful in achieving our vision and mission. 

We try to understand our associates, sympathize with them, put ourselves "in their shoes". It creates mutual understanding and respect, as well as better cooperation. 

Profit is significant, but at Adeco, people come first! Only a satisfied and respected associate is a good associate in the long run. It is essential that we work efficiently, but only with respect and collegiality towards our associates. Everyone who works in Adeco and who cooperates with us should be comfortable. Together we create a good atmosphere. 

Being a leader in innovation and creating products of the future is not possible without constant learning and acquisition of new knowledge, as well as their application in business. We follow the latest trends in production processes and other business segments. We work on the individual growth and development of employees by continuous professional development through education, seminars, professional gatherings and additional learning methods. 

We are aware of how important it is to be conscientious and keep your word. Whether it is customers, suppliers or employees: we always consider all the details of cooperation, so that the result is the best possible. What we promise and what is up to us we fulfil. We care about our associates. Through meticulousness, systematicity, good planning and work organization, we create consistency and professionalism. 

When we work, we work motivated and dedicated. We indulge in what we do and love what we do. We bravely face business challenges and are not afraid of mistakes. On them, we learn and correct them. 

• Initiative 
It is vital to do what is required. Doing more than expected, trying to anticipate further steps, making them independently - this is what makes us even more reliable and efficient in our work and relationship with our clients, suppliers and colleagues.


Environmental protection and the preservation of health and safety is a priority for the company.

These goals are not just a reflection of the belief that the economic development of the company must be carried out in harmony with nature and with high regard for human resources, but also the position that environmental protection, health and safety are a foundation upon which Adeco has built its business and which enables it to cope with market challenges, both today and in the future.

Making a valid product with a cleaner environment, energy savings and partial raw material recycling are our major guidelines in choosing new environmental programs, technologies and developmental directions. Great attention has been paid to environmental effects since the very start.

Additionally, a rational use of energy and natural resources is of a special concern for us. Adeco’s obligation in the future is to improve waste management in accordance with ecological standards and actualize waste reuse and recycling.

Adeco constantly encourages strengthening ecological culture and gives an immediate contribution to social activities aimed at environmental protection, as well as similar activities implemented by our partners.