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Mineral hydraulic oils, used for the lubrication of modern hydraulic systems operating in conditions of moderate and relatively constant temperature, usually indoors. They are used as a hydraulic medium in the hydraulic systems of cranes, presses, in transportation and construction machines, etc. Lower grades are used in high-precision and low power devices, and can be also used for the lubrication of the parts of tool machines , grinding machine spindles, etc. Medium grades are used in the hydraulic systems of medium power, pressures and loads (cranes, presses, etc.). Higher grades are used in the hydraulic systems of higher power and loads (paper, textile, etc.). They are produced in seven ISO viscosity grades: 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150 and 220.

Ilustracija: HIDRA HM 68
Specification of the product

ISO 6743/4 L-HM; ISO 11158 L-HM; DIN 51524/2 HLP; Denison HF-0//HF-1/HF-2; Sperry Vickers M-2950-S/I-286-S; AFNOR NF E 48-603: HM; US Steel 127; Cincinati Milacron P.68 (HM 32), P.69 (HM 68), P.70 (HM 46).

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