MARINE XD SAE 30 | Adeco


Mineral based motor oils, intended for the lubrication of main and auxiliary ship diesel engines of medium and high speeds burning distillate diesel fuel with sulphur content up to 1,8%. They are used for the lubrication of turbine compressor, gear transmissions, components of the propeller and similar shipboard machines.

Provide outstanding protection against corrosion and wet and salty sea atmosphere. Easily release water into the centrifugal separator, prevent sludge and deposits formation that ensure a high degree of engine cleanliness.

Ilustracija: MARINE XD SAE 30
Specification of the product

API CF-2/CF/SF; ACEA E2; MAN 270; MTU Type 1; MB 228.0; Kolomna M-14D2; MIL-L-2104C; ZF TE-ML 04 B; Allison C-4.

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