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Mineral oils, intended for the lubrication of linear and circular guides, horizontal and vertical slideways, as well as spindles and moderately loaded worm gears. Enable lubrication of slideways without braking, i.e. stick-slip effect. Lower viscosity grades are used for the lubrication of horizontal slideways, while higher viscosity gradesd are used for the lubrication of vertical, heavy duty slideways.

Performance, features and benefits: High oxidation and thermal stability; Excellent lubricating characteristics; Effective protection against corrosion and rust; Even and precise sliding; Good adhesion properties; Efficient separation of water and water-soluble agents.

Ilustracija: STAZOL V
Specification of the product

ISO 6743/13 L-G; ISO 6743/4 L-HG; DIN 51502 CG; French Siderurey FT-172.

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