FRIZANTIN® G11 100% | Adeco


Concentrated coolant for cooling system of motor vehicles, based on monoethylene glycol. Before use must be diluted with water. Protects the engine and the entire cooling system of the vehicle against freezing, overheating, rust, corrosion, cavitation and foaming and ensures maximum cleanliness of the cooling system. Provides very good protection of gaskets and hoses, metal and aluminum parts. Does not contain nitrite, amine or phosphate. Provides complete protection of the cooling system up to 3 years, or 120,000 km traveled.

Ilustracija: FRIZANTIN® G11 100%
Specification of the product

BS 6580; ASTM D3306 Tip 1; AFNOR NF R15-601; VW/Audi/Seat/Škoda/Porsche TL 774C (G11); MB 325.0; MAN 324 Type NF; BMW N600 69.0.

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